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How long does shipping take?

Shipping times will vary depending on your country and province. For more detailed country specific shipping info please see Shipping Policy.

We try our very best to fulfil all orders within the specified time-frames, if any circumstances arise that may affect shipping time-frame e.g. bad weather, courier delays, we will try our very best to inform you of these delays.

What do I do if I want to cancel my order?

Please contact our support team if you wish to cancel your order. Even if you have emailed to cancel your order we cannot always guarantee it will be cancelled before shipment. Once your order has been processed it cannot be cancelled and you will be responsible for the postage costs to return.

Will I receive an order notification?

Yes, you will receive an order confirmation email shortly after placing your order. Please ensure you check all details are correct, as once an order has been processed and shipped no details can be amended.

Please note, we cannot be held liable for any problems that occur during delivery if the wrong information has been given or inputted on the order by yourself the consumer. 

Which App do I need?

The Fourfit mini 1 uses the Lefun Health App. 

The Fourfit mini 2 uses the LeFun Health App. 

How do I detach the strap from the face of the watch?

Grip each side of the face of the watch with your thumb and index finger. Then firmly pull the strap in a straight position, pull the strap at an angle can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the item and even damage and will not be covered by warranty.

Can I connect two bands to the same mobile device?

Only one band can be used with each mobile device.

What devices is the app compatible with?

Our apps are only compatible with mobile phone devices.

Are FourFit's tracker medical devices?

FourFit trackers are not medical devices. Please note wrist worn trackers can occasionally give inaccurate readings. If you have concerns regarding your health then please seek medical attention.

Is the FourFit water resistant?

Yes the FourFit Fitband and Mini are splash-proof. They will not tolerate being submerged, heavy rain, hot water, bath shower etc but a muddy game of football or getting caught in a light rain shower will not hurt your FourFit.

How do I set up my Fourfit Mini?

Please ensure for the first charge a wall USB socket. Once charge download to the Lefun Health app and connect.

How do I charge my Fourfit? 

No charger is supplied with the FourFit Fitband and Mini as it comes with a built in USB charger. Just pull off the strap from the screen and the charger will be apparent. If there are no gold metal charge strips, pull the other side of the screen. The Signa comes with a charging lead which is magnetic and will easily find its way into the charger slot.

How does FourFit detect my heart rate?

When your heart beats your capillaries expand and contract based on your blood flow. The LED lights on the underside of your band reflect on to your skin to detect blood flow volume and finely tuned algorithms are applied to automatically and continuously measure your heart rate.

How often do I need to charge my FourFit?

Your FourFit will need charging when it runs out of battery. If you are buying for an occasion/gift that is a bit away, please ensure you check your FourFit at the time of delivery and the device doesn't go any longer than 28 days without a charge as leaving the battery sat unused can caused damage, and your return rights will be affected.

My order hasn't reach me yet, how do I track my order?

If you experience any delays with your delivery, please feel free to contact the courier direct or our support team at support@four.fit We ship as many orders as possible using a trackable service, if your order is sent using a trackable service the tracking number will be emailed to you once your shipping label has been generated.

If your item has not been sent using a trackable service, these usually take up to 14 working days to reach you, if the item has not reached you by working day 14, please contact us to get can this looked into. *please note, items can only be deemed as lost in transit when a minimum of 21 days after the item was posted has been reached.  

I have an issue with one of my devices, can I return the entire order?

If you have made an order for multiples devices, the entire order can be returned within 28 days for a full refund. After the 28 day return period has closed, devices on the order cannot be returned for a refund. Warranties for the devices are treated separately and issues with one device does not entitle you for a replacement for a refund for the others on the order, only the device reported.

What is the best way to get in touch?

Email our Customer Care Team at support@four.fit or select the live chat button at the bottom of our page. 

We're open 10-5 Monday - Friday